Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wicked Winter

    This winter so far has been brutal for illness, at least for our family it has. I have had bronchitis, my five year old has had a cold and also pneumonia. My eleven year old has had a cold, stomach flu, and a sore throat. My daughter has had a terrible cough of which she had to take antibiotics, steroids, cough suppressant, and a fever reducer. My husband has also been ill with the flu, cough, and sore throat. Trust me it's not due to lack of cleanliness! I am a germaphobe like no other. Constantly washing hands and squirting on the antibacterial soap. With most of the above mentioned illnesses there isn't much you can do other than wait them out, and take some over-the-counter medications to subside some of the symptoms. Obviously with the pneumonia you need some strong antibiotics. The rest of the common illnesses usually just take some time, rest, fluids, and in some cases a humidifier! 
     The humidifier really helped with my sons breathing during his pneumonia, and it actually helps to keep his throat from getting raw. We have continued using it hoping to keep away any other problems with his throat being so dry. Honey rather than medicine help soothe the throat so he was able to eat food without complaining of his throat hurting so much. Just a teaspoon here and there did wonders for him, and he also enjoyed the taste. It made his cough very much more bearable for him. However, for us adults Nyquil severe flu seemed to work better to help with the flu. Especially when I have three kids of which the younger two are in need of constant attention, so getting actual "rest" isn't an option. I have to get over whatever illness I get very quickly, because toddlers really don't understand when mommy is sick. 

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