Thursday, December 12, 2013

Kicking the Habit (biting nails)

     As people we tend to pick up nasty habits. For me I used to like biting my nails and smoking just to name a few. I'm sure I have others, but these two habits I share with a lot of people. Biting your nails involves putting your fingers in your mouth. After touching any and everything throughout the day, handing off and receiving germs from different people, and even through the night when you are sleeping and scratching anywhere on your body. Anyhow, I tried everything to stop the habit! I tried to keep them polished, the nasty tasting finger nail polish, even having fake nails put on, and none of that worked. I still found away around it to get to my nails. So what finally did the trick for me is I decided one day that I would write down every single thing that I touch. That by the way is impossible because you are always touching something even without being aware that you just touched something new. I wash my hands all the time, and I have a bottle of antibacterial soap pretty much anywhere I go and that still doesn't keep all the germs off your hands. Especially under your nails where germs like to rest for a long time because it is difficult to get everything out from under your nails while scrubbing your hands. However, by writing down anything you can remember you have touched, and imagine putting your fingers in your mouth along with those items can really turn you off from ever biting your nails again. Its amazing how even pushing an elevator button can transfer some nasty germs to you. The next time you go to put your nail in your mouth and want to begin chewing it off, stop! Imagine going up to a complete stranger and putting their nails in your mouth, you don't have any idea of the bacteria under your nails just as you wouldn't a complete strangers! Try the hand washing/ blacklight challenge!! It'll amaze you!

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