Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Welcome to my very first blog! Here is a little getting to know me!

     Hello, my name is Alicia. I am a mother of three amazing children. They are all very smart and unique in their own way. Each one does something that amazes me everyday, as well as something that makes me want to pull out my hair! I love them all to pieces either way. I am married to a wonderful man named Jeremy that is literally my other half. My family is my life. We live out in the sticks (hints the name of the blog :) so we have to find ways to entertain one another, which in our family could be anything. A lot of the games we play are usually made up by any of us. Sometimes we make homemade fun toys, which usually are more fun then the expensive toys. I will get into more of that later.
     I have worked in health care for almost 13 years, and have tried a couple different positions in between to see if something else out there got me excited. I have found that the thing that excites me the most is my family. All of them! I come from a crazy family, complicated and very confusing to try to explain. However, there is many of us, and we keep each in line, and we are all crazy at times! This is like my online journal. My opinions, or just random curious thoughts. Full-Time mom, employee, wife, sister, family, life. 

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